Guided trekking and kayaking route inTerradets

Guided trekking and kayaking in Terradets

Do you know the reservoir of Terradets keeps a secret? Join us to discover it!

The ruins of the monastery of Sant Miquel de Cellers are in the depths of the Terradets reservoir. It’s one of the anecdotes and curiosities surrounding this magnificent landscape and we will discover it.

Thanks to stable water level, which makes navigation easy, this is one of the most attractive kayaking routes in Catalonia for families.

Kayaking in Terradets gives us some spectacular panoramic views of the north side of the Sierra de Montsec, Congost de Terradets and the south side of the Pyrenees. Combining trekking and kayaking will allow us to enjoy very close to the reeds of the reservoir, which hide a great variety of bird species that seek refuge in the meanders and lagoons that have been formed.

If we trek towards the Terradets reservoir, we will go through areas with high landscape value and we will discover the puddles originated after thousands of years of fluvial erosion until arrive to Barranc del Bosc, one of the most magical corners in Montsec.

This trekking and kayaking route through Terradets is an adventure activity for families. It is a round route that starts and finishes at Terradets hotel. It consists of kayaking through the Terradets reservoir (Cellers, Lleida) and walking back along a route that will take us through the Barranc del Bosc. The technical difficulty is low, and the exigency demand is medium-low.

The starting point is at Terradets hotel. The kayaking tour through the Cellers reservoir will take about 1 hour, its technical difficulty is medium-low, and its physical demand is medium-low. The distance covered in trekking through the Barranc del Bosc is about 10 kilometres and takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Its technical difficulty is medium-low, and its physical demand is medium.

In order to enjoy this adventure activity, we advise you to bring suitable footwear for trekking and waterproof clothes, or spare clothing, sunglasses with fastener, cap, sun protection, water (2 litres per person) and food (it’s not obligatory, but recommended).

Kayak and paddle in perfect condition, life jacket and helmet, airtight bag and the company, experience and peace of mind of having the guides of Zenith Aventura.


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 Duration: between 5-7 hours
Technical difficulty: low
Fitness exigency level: medium

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