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The best of Àger Valley in kayak at your own pace! Check out our routes and the price of hiring the equipment you need.

Hiring our kayaks, you will be able to know the natural environment of Àger at your own pace. From the popular Congost de Mont-rebei with its spectacular walls of 500 metres high, to Terradets, Finestres, Congost de Fet and the lakes of Camarasa
and Cellers. Choose one of the routes we propose you at Zenith.


Kayak rental in Congost de Mont-rebei

The kayaking route through Congost de Mont-rebei is one of the most spectacular in Catalonia. Its difficulty is medium-low, so it’s an excursion suitable for everybody. With this activity, you will be able to paddle by yourself between the spectacular vertical walls of this protected area.

kayak libre teradets

Kayak rental in Terradets

Kayaking in Terradets on your own will allow us to enjoy the beauty panoramic views of Montsec mountain range. This is a perfect route for families who look for an adventure activity to do all together. Do you know that in the depths of Terradets reservoir are submerged the ruins of the Sant Miquel de Cellers monastery?


Kayak rental in Finestres

The Finestres kayak route will take you on an adventure to the “Chinese Wall of Huesca”, a formation of vertical strata in jagged form that nature sculpted as it was a real wall. Hire our kayaks and get into one of the little-travelled routes in Àger.

kayak trekking bus

Trekking and kayak rental + bus in Mont-rebei

Do you want to combine trekking and kayaking in Mont-Rebei? Thanks to this activity, you will visit on foot the Mont-Rebei gorge at your own pace and you will return by water to the pier of Corçà.

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