Kayak Rental in Camarasa

Kayak Rental in Camarasa

Do you know that the area surrounding the Camarasa reservoir has a special archaeological importance?

The Camarasa route is an alternative plenty of attractions for those who know the kayaking routes in Congost de Mont-Rebei or Terradets. The Camarasa route passes near two World Heritage Sites: the Balma del Pantà and the Cova del Tabac, on the right side of Segre river. Both are archaeological sites due to its cave art.

The Camarasa lake has this name due to the village, which is located 12 kilometres from Balaguer, the capital of the region of La Noguera (Lleida). During the kayaking route, you can observe some interesting heritage elements, such as the Baronia de Sant Oïsme, with its cylindrical tower of the castle, or the Romanesque Church of Sant Miquel, in Fontllonga; which gives a cultural value to this adventure activity. You can’t miss Congost de Camarasa, located in the Segre river, between vertical walls.

This fantastic Camarasa kayaking route will give us the opportunity to see the picturesque Tren del Llacs, hanging from the walls of Congost. We have a different view of the Balconet de Santa Linya from the river. If we are lucky, we can see specimens of griffon vulture or Egyptian vulture between the cliffs, or even the elusive bearded vultures.

This Camarasa kayaking route, doing on your own, starts in Montsec camping (near la Baronia) and will take you to Congost del Doll. Once you have had a rest, eaten and refreshed yourself in the water, you will start the return journey to the camping. This route has a duration of 5 hours (4 hours paddling) and the total distance is about 15 km.

The starting point is the pier of the Montsec camping, which is 2.5 km from the Baronia de Sant Oïsme. The kayaking distance is 15 km, round trip. You need about 4 hours to finish this route. Its technical difficulty is medium-low, and its physical demand is medium.

In order to enjoy the Camarasa kayaking route, we recommend you the following equipment: footwear and waterproof clothes, or spare clothing, sunglasses, cap, sun protection, water (2 litres per person) and food (highly recommended).

The price of hiring kayaks includes all the necessary equipment to this adventure activity: paddle, life jackets, waterproof, spraydeck (if weather makes it necessary), map of the area, helmet, pulling rope and airtight bag for your camera and smartphone. All the necessary instructions and advice from our qualified personal.


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Duration: between 5-7 hours
Technical difficulty: low
Fitness exigency level: high

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