Trekking and kayak rental + bus in Mont-rebei

Trekking and kayak rental + bus in Mont-rebei

Why settle for just kayaking in Mont-Rebei? With this proposal, you will be able to enjoy two times this spectacular place without worrying about the transport.

Our proposal starts in Àger, where our bus will be waiting to take you to the starting point of the activity.

The activity starts practicing kayaking from the pier of Corçà, passing through the feet of Pertusa hermitage, to the Mont-Rebei gorge, a protected and unique natural spot of great beauty that makes us vibrate in contact with nature and it is located between Aragon and Catalonia. Enjoy this route in Congost de Mont-Rebei by land and by water!

The second part of the route is the excursion that will take you along the impressive bridle path dug into the rock with a width of between 1 and 1.5 metres to arrive to the Masieta, with the option of making the footbridges and stairs of Montfalcó. At the Masieta, the bus will be waiting us to return to Àger. The views in the gorge are incredible!

This activity will allow you to know part of the incredible territory of Vall d’Àger, plenty of living contrasts; on one side the oak forests, on the other side, arid landscapes, ochre colours and brushes, and down the beautiful colour of the water of Noguera Ribagorzana river, which crosses the enormous Serra de Montsec Furthermore, if we are lucky, we could enjoy looking birds of prey, such as vulture, golden eagle, Egyptian vulture or even the mythical bearded vulture.

The starting point of the activity is the bus parking area in Àger (Street Cabezas 23). The departure time is at 9:30 a.m. The bus will take us to the pier of Corçà, where we will receive explanations and the necessary material to do the first part of the kayaking route. You will pass through the low part of the crest, where the hermitage of Pertusa and its twin, the hermitage of Santa Quitèria, are located, and you will also approach slowly the impressive walls of Congost de Mont-Rebei. You will go into Congost by kayak and when you arrive to the end, you will return in 15 minutes to disembark in Pont del Seguer. The team of Zenith Aventura will be waiting for you and they will help you to disembark and continue the route on foot. If you wish, you can do the stairs and the footbridges of Montfalcó before crossing the Congost de Mont-Rebei on the narrow bridle path dug in the rock to arrive to the Masieta. Our bus will be waiting for you in that point and will depart towards Áger at 5 p.m. to leave you at the meeting point of the activity at 6 p.m., approximately.

You will start a kayaking crossing of 8 kilometres from the pier of Corçà to Congost de Mont-Rebei and you will return to disembark in the Suspension bridge of Seguer. The kayaking route is about 2.5 and 3 hours. Its technical difficulty is medium, and its physical demand is medium. In the second part, the trekking will take you from Pont del Seguer to the Masieta, 4 km and an estimated time of 2 hours. Its technical difficulty is medium-low, and its physical demand is medium. This trekking can be extended up to 3 kilometres if you want to make the stairs and footbridges of Montfalcó, which will extend the trekking 1.5 extra hours.

In order to enjoy this adventure activity, we will advise you to bring suitable footwear for trekking and waterproof clothes, or spare clothing, sunglasses with fastener, cap, sun protection, water (2 litres per person) and food.

All bus transfers, kayak and paddle in perfect condition, life jacket and helmet, airtight bag and route map. Depending on the weather, spraydeck and anorak. If you want to sleep near Congost de Mont-Rebei, consult our accommodation promotion in Vall d’Àger Hostel!


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 Duration: between 5-7 hours
Technical difficulty: low
Fitness exigency level: medium

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