Guided trekking and kayaking route in Finestres

Guided Trekking and kayaking in Finestres

It is not as famous as Congost de Mont-Rebei but, do you know that we will sail and hike to a surprising wall?

Although it’s not as famous as Congost de Mont-Rebei route; this adventure activity including trekking and kayaking in the swamp of Canelles, will allow you to live a unique experience in one of the most unspoiled environments in Vall d’Àger. We probably won’t meet anyone through the route. The route to visit Congost de Fet is only available if you go with one of our qualified guides from Zenith team. It’s easy to get lost in remote places!

This guided activity will allow you to enter the Canelles lake up to Congost de Fet. We will kayak in the opposite direction of Congost de Mont-Rebei to enjoy a hiking in privacy with nature. A surprising wall of natural strata is waiting for us!

The Congost de Fet, with 5 kilometres, is little travelled, so it’s very easy to observe griffon vultures or other birds of prey living in the area, next to the water. The kayaking route through Finestres goes to the “Chinese Wall of Huesca”; a spectacular geological formation of vertical strata.

We stop and get out the kayak in order to go on foot to the abandoned ancient village of Finestres. The time seems to be stopped and we behold the wonderful panoramic views of the surroundings! There are half-ruined houses that contains years of stories and the Canelles swamp as a backdrop. But the activity doesn’t finish in that point, we continue to the town of Fet and its church carved in the rock. Finally, we return to the pier of Corça in a last and small trip in kayak.

We leave the pier of Corçà heading south and we kayak up to Congost de Fet. We go through the Torre de les Concludes, a tower located in a giant wall 400-metres above water level, and we slowly go into Congost de Fet. During the route, we will have the opportunity to observe the nests of griffon vultures and other birds of prey near the water, as it’s an area almost inaccessible by land. Finally, we arrive to the impressive walls of Finestres, where we get out the kayak and we go on foot to the route where the abandoned ancient villages of Canelles are located. Once we arrive to Fet, we descend towards the west bank of the Canelles lake, so we can return to the pier of Corçà, in the east bank.

The guided activity toward Congost de Fet is 6 hours length (3 of kayaking and 3 of trekking). The starting point of the activity is the pier of Corçà. The travelled distance by kayak is 11 kilometres. Its technical difficulty is medium-low, and its physical demand is medium-high. The duration is about 3 hours. In the second part of the route, the trekking towards Finestres and Fet is 8km and the duration is about 2h 30’, with a medium technical difficulty and a medium physical demand. We will paddle for 15 minutes and we will arrive to the starting point.

In order to enjoy this adventure activity correctly, we advise you to bring: suitable footwear for trekking and waterproof clothes, or spare clothing, sunglasses with fastener, sun protection, water (2 litres per person) and food (it is not obligatory, but highly recommended).

Kayak and paddle in perfect condition, life jacket and helmet, airtight bag and route map. Depending on the weather, spraydeck and anorak. And, of course, the accompany of our qualified guides.


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 Duration: between 5-7 hours
Technical difficulty: low
Fitness exigency level: high

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