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Kayak rental

Do you imagine paddling/ rowing between amazing vertical walls of 500 metres height? You will be able to get to know at your own pace the beautiful surroundings of Congost de Mont-rebei, Terradets, Finestres, Congost de Fet and the reservoirs of Camarasa and Cellers. You have just to decide if you need to rent a single or double kayak. You can consult all included in the hire price.


Guided Kayak

Aren’t you good at paddling? Do you get tired fast? Are you a group of friends? Do not hesitate and choose enjoying our guided kayaking routes. There is much to see at Congost de Mont-rebei with our expert guides. Everything will be easier, and we will tell you the secrets hidden in the most important places of the route.



Why enjoy only one activity? Enjoy double or triple combining different plans in Congost de Mont-rebei. Consult our adventure activities. For example, don’t you like to finish a kayaking morning with a wine tasting of the region? Making a via ferrata and come back paddling in kayak? Consult all the options!



Have you always wanted to learn to paddle in a kayak? With the teachers of Zenith, you will finally learn the basic techniques to sail. You will do it in the fantastic environment of Congost de Mont-rebei. You don’t need previous experience, so, come and learn with us! It is also a good idea to give!

Do you want to make the most of your day? Combine a day of kayaking with a Via Ferrata, an Astronomical Observation, an e-Bike ride…

Stay with us and enjoy your discount in our activities