Combine the kayaking and trekking route through the Congost de Mont-rebei starting in la Masieta

The lightest and most complete combination of kayaking and trekking in the Congost de Montrebei. Imagine yourself navigating the Congost, walking along the famous carved path in the rock and even hiking the stairs and footbridges of Montfalcó in half a day.

The Montrebei Gorge is an incredibly beautiful place and one of its attractions is the fact that it is isolated from roads, has no power lines and has virtually no infrastructure. This can make it a bit hard physically because the approaching can be long, especially if you want to combine kayaking and hiking in an environmental friendly way as the route is not circular.

At ZenithAventura we do not use motor boats in the surroundings of the gorge and we do not provide a water taxi service but we do give you the option of making the kayaking route starting in la Masieta, then to cross the gorge and leave the kayak at the other end of Mont-Rebei. Finally you will go back on foot on a route that can be short, making only the carved path in the stone, or the longer version that would also imply doing the trekking of the stairs and footbridge of Montfalcó

Our guides will go with you in the kayaking route helping you especially when boarding and disembarking in the most appropriate points, a bit tricky sometimes as the water level varies, and you will do the trekking back to the parking on your own.

It is very important that you reserve the parking slot of your vehicle in La Masieta.

We will meet in La Masieta at 10 AM. After equipping ourselves and receiving the directions of the guides we will start the kayak route that will take us through the imposing Mont-Rebei Gorge with the colossal walls of 500m high side by side ,separated by only 30 meters. It is normal to see common vultures along the way, trees that have made their homes in impossible cracks and all this in a breathtaking environment. Finally if you want to take the short hiking route that passes through the path carved in the stone we will help you disembark near the Seguer bridge, which connects Aragón and Catalunya. If you waht to do the longer trekking you will disembark in La Bauma and you will also do the trekking of the stairs and footbridges of Montfalcó. When you finish the route on foot you will be back at the starting point, in La Masieta, where you have your vehicle parked.

The duration of this activity is between 3 and 5 hours depending on the route you want to do in the second part where you will do the trekking. The starting time of the activity is 10 am. The starting point is the Masieta, where we will start with the kayaking route. The distance covered by the kayak is about 5 kilometers with a low technical difficulty and a medium level of physical demand and is done in about 1h30′. This part of the route is done with the company of ZenithAventura guides. In the second part, which will be hiking, you can take a short route if you disembark at the Seguer bridge, where you would make a return of 4 kilometers in about 1h30′-2h, passing by the typical horseshoe path excavated in the rock of the Congost de Mont-Rebei. The hiking technical difficulty is low and the physical demand is medium.

If you want to do a longer trekking, the point where we would leave the kayak would be la Bauma and you would cover a distance of about 6.5 kilometers in 2h30’-3h. In this trekking you will pass by the stairs and footbridges of Montfalcó (not suitable for people with apprehension of heights) and finally you will also follow the carved path excavated in the rock of the Congost before finally reaching the Masieta car parking.

In order for you to enjoy this adventure activity properly, we advise you to bringthe following items: suitable footwear for trekking,water or spare clothes, sunglasses with fastening, cap, sun protection, water (1.5 liters per person) and food (no it is mandatory but highly recommended).

Of course the kayak and paddle in perfect condition, life jacket, waterproof bag and helmet. Depending on the weather a bathrobe and anorak.
But above all the company of our experienced professional guides.


your kayaking route





Duration: between 3-5 hours
Technical difficulty: low
 Fitness exigency level: low-medium

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Kayaking + Via Ferrata

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