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Our team has been chosen several times to make advertising spots and television interviews. Our grannies love watching us on the media!

Appearing in any media is an opportunity to share with the greatest number of people our passion and the beauty of Àger Valley. We love our job! And that’s why we like sharing it, is there anything better than helping to fulfill dreams?

Temps d’aventura (TV3)

Today we make a kayak route through the Congost de Montrebei with the Temps d’Aventura team. Before we stop at the bottom of the Pertusa crest to reach the hermitage making a via ferrata.

The team was amazed by the views of the entrance of the Congost from La Pertusa! Wouldn’t you like to live this experience?

Què Qui Com (TV3)

We fly for the program “Ales al vent” on television. “What I have seen from up here isn’t comparable with anything I have seen or done before”, explained the presenter. When she flew with the tandem of the hang-gliding, she couldn’t avoid shouting “That’s amazing!”.

Are you going to miss it?

Catalunya Experience

“It has been wonderful seeing Congost de Mont-Rebei from other perspective! I have felt fortunate to be able to live this experience!”, exclaimed the British “Instagramer” Alan, when he came to Àger Valley with us and the TV crew. Then, of course, we do a little bit of hang gliding! “Like a big bird!”, Alan said laughing.