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Enjoy kayaking tours with our guides! This is the best way to discover all the secrets of the beautiful surroundings of Vall d’Àger.

Aren’t you good at paddling? Do you get tired quickly? Will you visit us with a group, and you don’t want complications? Don’t hesitate, enjoy our guided kayaking routes. Everything will be easier, and we will tell you the secrets hidden in the most important places of each route. You have different options:


Kayaking in Congost de Mont-rebei

Going on a kayaking trip in Mont-Rebei is to enjoy one of the most spectacular experiences in calm waters of our country. Imagine paddling between 500-metre vertical walls a few metres away. Better, don’t imagine it. Come and see with us this spectacular gorge in Vall d’ Àger!

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Kayaking in Finestres

The kayaking route in Finestres takes you through a little-travelled narrow path about 5 kilometres long. Few privileged people have been able to contemplate its beauty because it’s an area almost inaccessible by land. Our objective will be the “Chinese wall” of Huesca, a spectacular jagged rock formation of vertical strata that nature modelled as if it was an authentic wall.


Kayaking in Camarasa

This kayaking tour of Camarasa is the alternative to the famous Congost de Mont-Rebei. The Camarasa reservoir is one of the most surprising places in the area of Vall d’Àger. Do you know that there are important archaeological sites around it? The small number of routes will allow us to enjoy an intense contact with nature.


Trekking and kayaking in Mont-rebei + bus

Congost de Mont-Rebei by land and by water. With our kayaking and trekking guided activity in Mont-Rebei you will enjoy the colourful contrasts in Àger Valley. A 3-hour path and coming back in kayak between huge vertical walls in one of the best kayaking routes in our country, what else can we ask for?

kayak trekking terradets

Trekking and kayaking in Terradets

The trekking and kayaking activity in Terradets is perfect for families. It is carried out in calm waters in the reservoir of Terradets and its surroundings, one of the most special spots in Vall d’Àger. With this guided visit you will enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of Serra de Montsec and explore the magic “Barranc del Bosc”.

kayak-finestres-muralla finestres2

Trekking and kayaking in Finestres

Our kayaking and trekking proposal in Finestres will give you different perspectives of Congost de Fet. This area is very little visited. The kayaking route in Finestres will lead us at the foot of the spectacular geological formation known as “The Chinese Wall of Huesca”. Then, we trekking to the uninhabited village of Finestres.

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